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Teaching at the UCC is a rewarding and challenging opportunity for volunteers to experience cross-cultural work whilst living in a safe and comfortable environment.

We have over 100 children attending our school each week day who come because they cannot afford to go to state school. Whilst these government-run schools are 'free', parents/carers must still pay for classroom and exam fees, textbooks, exercise books, stationary, a uniform and transport to and from school; costs that are unaffordable for some families. This means that many children do not attend school, instead playing in the street or working as street vendors.

Our classes progress from Nursery / Kindergarten (ages 4 onwards) right up to Primary Class 6, which has students aged 14-15.

Why we need volunteers
Volunteers are essential to enable a full educational programme to be delivered at the centre. Many of the children have had a sporadic education and are well below the level for their age group, so one-to-one help from volunteers can be essential in helping them catch-up with their peers. Donations which come from our Volunteer Project are also essential for the continued running and development of the Ghanaian project.

How volunteers help us
A key part of the education provision provided by the school is one-to-one teaching. This allows a volunteer to build a relationship with a child and provide them with a targeted learning session so they can rise to the level required for their classroom setting, work which class teachers do not have the time to undertake. One-to-one is a crucial element of our teaching programme and volunteers are essential to enable us to continue that work. There is also the opportunity for qualified or training education professionals to teach whole classes. We will always be on hand to provide guidance and training to ensure you get the most of your teaching time with us.

Being a teacher
You do not need to be a trained teacher or even have teaching experience to volunteer at the UCC. We will provide onsite training from our full time dedicated staff to ensure you have the skills to be able to teach effectively. All we ask is that you are motivated and prepared for the experience and challenges that teaching brings!

You can combine this with the other aspects of volunteering at the UCC such as creative arts during afternoon school, football or netbal coaching. We can build a programme that is rewarding, challenging and suitable to you.

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