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We have excellent volunteer feedback, with many of our volunteers returning in following years to see how the centre and the children have developed. If you wish we can put you in contact with previous volunteers so you can speak with them directly about their experience volunteering with us.

Below are some of the comments we have received from volunteers who have volunteered with us.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the UCC to others. The people, attitude, and ethos of the UCC is remarkable and I shall leave it with fond memories to last me a lifetime." Anonymous evaluation form, Summer 2012

"My teaching experience was awesome. I had never done any real teaching before and it was great to have the opportunity. It was a perfect progression to start with one-to-one teaching and work my way up to teaching a class. It was the most rewarding feeling when you develop a trusting relationship with the kids and realy feel like they respect you. Overall my two months in Ghana were perfect. It was a great introduction to a developing country and I think that was all due to how Future Leaders UCC rund their centre and takes care of their volunteers." Hannah Mohun, University of Victoria Co-op scheme placement, Summer 2012

" I really lucked out. My program is incredible. My peers are great traveling buddies and really understanding of what I am experiencing. This program is super ethical and truly all about the kids. I’m so inspired." and later . . ."This summer still seems like a dream. I have learned so much about myself, changed my perspective about life in general, and figured out how to feel comfortable traveling." Jess Caron, Bowdoin University, Summer 2012

"I feel absolutely honoured to have been a part of Future Leaders. I am going home completely overwhelmed by this experience and Ghana has changed my life". Emma, Canterbury Christ Church University BaEd undergraduate, Spring 2012.

"This has been the most amazing experience of my life." Gemma, Canterbury Christ Church University BaEd undergraduate, Spring 2012, and Charlie, also from CCCU, who said exactly the same thing.

“I honestly cannot put in to words how amazing my experience with the UCC has been. The staff are absolutely fantastic, welcoming and supportive.” Anonymous evaluation form, Spring 2012

“A real eye-opening experience which will be a major influence in my professional development.” Anonymous evaluation form, Spring 2012

"Bernard's food has been delicious, our travels fun-filled and action packed, and our time at the school eye-opening." Holly, Summer 2011

"Thank you for allowing me to share in something much bigger and important than words." Steve, Summer 2011

"I will miss you all and the family and the kids so much, and I REALLY hope I can come back next year." Kirstie 'Madam Adjowa' MacGregor, Summer 2010, who after 14 months volunteering at the centre, is back this Summer for her third visit, this time working as our Education Coordinator


Below are some of the comments we have received from institutions who send students to volunteer with us.

"International students under the sponsorship of Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) who come to study at University of Ghana, Legon for either a semester or a year have been undertaking internship, volunteer and community service projects at Future Leaders Underprivileged Children's Center at Teshie Camp 2 here in Accra for close to 3 years now.

I serve as the Resident Director of CIEE here at University of Ghana and I am proud to say that every student we have placed at Future Leaders have had a really rewarding and transformational experience. The student interns, under the supervision of officials of Future Leaders UCC, have had a better understanding of the Ghanaian educational system, and are able to compare the educational systems of the US and Ghana. The experience and opportunity has made student interns want to pursue their education degrees and work withmarginalized in society as they have learnt that there is potential in every human person, especially children, and that given the right opportunity, tutoring and guidance these children become better persons and will contribute to the growth and development of countries like Ghana.

We at CIEE here at University of Ghana are grateful to Future Leaders UCC for the educationally transforming experience they give our student interns."

Kwasi Gyasi-Gyamerah Resident Director, CIEE Study Centers in Ghana, Office of International Programmes, University of Ghana


"On behalf of the Department of Primary Education at Canterbury Christ Church University, England, it is with great pleasure that I write this endorsement for the Future Leaders Underprivileged Children's Centre in Accra Ghana.

Our Department has been working in partnership with Future Leaders since 2008. Since then we have sent five groups of under-graduate students to the Centre on four week teaching placements. These placements have made a profound impact, both personally and professionally, upon all the students who have been there. The students have also benefited from knowing that their contributions to the work of the Centre are needed, valued and have also made a lasting impact on the development of the Centre and more importantly on its children. An indication of how much the students value the opportunity to work at UCC is that each year several students who have been on the university arranged placement choose to return again independently during the summer months to do further voluntary work at the centre.

A particular strength of this partnership and the placements is that the Centre is well-managed with an effective system of support for the students throughout the placement. This ensures that any difficulties with personal or health issues are quickly addressed, that I have constant updates on progress and that the students are able to work effectively upon arrival.

The voice of our students is perhaps the best endorsement of the value of the placement. Upon return one of our students reflected that:"The placement has broadened my perspective on teaching and learning, and has led me to reflect on English practices and understand more fully why we teach the way we do. Experiencing another culture's view on learning and teaching has helped me to develop a more global perspective."

It is without any hesitation whatsoever, that I recommend Future Leaders UCC as an ethical organisation that provides an outstanding opportunity for students to gain invaluable experience of working in a unique cultural context that will take them outside their comfort zone, challenge them and allow them to develop essential life skills as well as a global perspective on education and life."

Tony Mahon Senior Lecturer and International Lead, Department of Primary Education, Canterbury Christ Church University


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