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Why volunteer in Africa?

As part of your research into volunteering abroad, you may have come across some criticism of so called ‘voluntourism’, and doubts about the benefit of unqualified Westerners teaching in developing countries, especially on programmes that charge money to volunteer.

Future Leaders Underprivileged Children’s Centre runs a volunteer programme because we know the benefit it gives to the children in attendance. Through additional educational support and funding we are able to buy more resources, pay teachers' salaries, cater for more needy children and develop the project in Ghana.

The children love the cultural exchange and the comfort that comes from the attention and affection volunteers give them. They also benefit from volunteer’s different teaching styles in class and gain more confidence in their spoken English from conversing with fluent English speakers.

We do not charge any fees to volunteer, we just ask that you cover your living expenses and make a donation towards the running of the project. We aim to make this 50% of your payment. Your living expenses are calculated based on those of previous years.

Volunteers come to the project all year round, and you volunteer as part of that wider team. It is the collective work undertaken by volunteers that dramatically impacts our teaching capacity. Without you, the staff at the centre might struggle to meet the individual needs of all the children.

Our staff at the UCC will help you to set realistic and meaningful goals during your time volunteering at the centre, so you leave knowing you have contributed to the educational development of the children in attendance. Hopefully your placement will inspire you to volunteer again in the future, at home and abroad.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.

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