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We welcome donations from volunteers, as many resources for the classroom and sports projects cannot be easily purchased in Ghana, or are very expensive. Airlines usually allow two pieces of luggage weighing at least 20kg each, so volunteers usually find they have space to bring things for the centre.

Here is a long list of things you could bring to help us:

Current needs
high quality digital camera

School resources:
white board markers
small white boards for children to work on in class
lined A5 exercise books for children to use in lass
nursery writing teaching books
Handwriting Practice and Colouring Book by D. Nealian
thick paper sheets for making cards
plastic boxes, preferably with lids

Office/ school equipment:
printer cartridges for a HP Deskjet 1000
laminating pouches
reams of A4 and A3 paper
external hard drive 500GB upwards
wall Clock
toner for our photocopier - ask for details
office staplers and staples
scissors -big ones and little ones for children to use
metal Pencil sharpeners
plastic A4 wallets for file storage (with the button flap to close)
big pinboard/ cork tiles
yearly wall planner (2012)
plastic boxes, preferably with lids.
box files/ bookends which stand up
guillotine / paper trimmer
glue gun
A4 zip lock bags

Classroom maintenance/ equipment:
paint brushes and paint trays
blackboard paint
sandpaper sheets
plastic boxes, preferably with lids for storage

school bags for children
clothes for age 4 15 years
pencils, colouring pencils, crayons, erasers
shoes for age 4-15 years

Teaching Equipment:
Unifix cubes
Base 10
2D and 3D shapes
number lines, number fans, letter fans, etc. (can be printed from sparklebox and laminated)
electric sets,
cylinders, bottles and measuring equipment,
torches, prisms, mirrors and other equipment for teaching light/ symmetry
model of the body and organs
solar system models and planets/ posters
bee bot/ roamer robot
pulleys and gears resources for teaching technology
magnetic letters and numbers
small magnetic boards
place value arrow cards
meter rulers and meter wheel
set of classroom scales
squared A5 maths books
compare bear (three bear family) resources- such as sequencing cards/ handbook
PSHE books/ posters, puppets and resources
teaching theory books such as 'How Children Learn' (Pritchett)

Reading resources:
guided reading sets
leveled reading books such as the Oxford Reading Tree
fact books, we have animal books but more science/ geography books such as the Eyewitness series.
children's encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary, thesaurus.
Ghanian story books- can be found on Amazon,
phonics resources
story sacks- containing story book and characters/ setting/ resources to help tell story and make it more interactive

Art Equipment:
coloured card and paper
sugar paper- especially the really big sheets
paint/ powder paint
child's painting aprons
art and craft materials
washed take away food dishes for paint and water
protractors, compasses
staple gun
hold punches
small scissors
blu tak
paper plates

Nursery / afternoon school
fine motor skills equipment, such as small cars, threading activities, puzzles
stickle bricks
farm animals & dolls house and items

Sports/ Football:
quality footballs
cones for training
football boots for age 4 15 years
football shirts for age 4 15 years
goal keeper gloves and Kits
netballs, bibs for training, and jerseys for matches
trainers for age 4 -15 years for netball and football practice
football socks

Hair Salon:
hair dryers for hair salon
nail varnish
hair styling accressories and products

Sewing Centre:
overlock machine for the sewing centre
embroidering machine for the sewing centre

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